The Game Review Queue

Listed below you will find the current review Queue for Gamers Remorse. The sections are broken down into 3 different sections: Post Production, On Deck, and Queued.

Post Production games are those games that have been reviewed, filmed, and are either currently being edited by the denizens of Gamers Remorse or they have already been edited and they are in queue for upload. Don’t get too excited. We have an upload limit, and upon occasion we have these videos stacked and awaiting upload.

On Deck games are those that are locked down and reserved for the next game play period. Often we need to do this so we can go over the rules, make sure we have a good understanding of the game prior to filming. It also allows for costumes to be begged, borrowed, or stolen.

Queued games are those that are in our pile of games to play. We may have interest in a lot of games but we try to play them in order based upon the number of points amassed. The points system is used to differentiate games from one another and allow for us to play those games that have been waiting longer than others. However, there are other ways to increase your points and get your game reviewed faster. First and foremost, you can buy points. This means you can up your game’s standing and get it reviewed sooner. Many review sites offer an expedited review option. This is similar, except that instead of a new game going right to the top, this allows for those games that have been on our list for sometime to stand a chance against the new game. In addition to buying points, points are earned for every day that the game has been in our queue. And finally points are awarded for contests and for reviews that are successful. Also, points are awarded to games that have a quicker play time. This allows for those games that are easy to edit to go through the system faster and thus increase our throughput of game reviews.

Games In Post-Production

Games on Deck for Review (LOCKED)

Heroes & Capitols: Catan ExpansionDizbeZo's Games
War Skullmegaseven games
Gentlemen ThievesGrow Giant Games

Games In Queue (UNLOCKED)

Zambiesby Bouncing Bomb Games8135 points
Supervillains Amokby Gopher Gold Games8095 points
Time Baronsby Quibble7815 points
Caporegimeby Cygo Games7815 points
Fortuna Et Victoriaby RGR Games7815 points
Literumiby xyvir games7815 points
Vanquishby Vanquish Games7785 points
Missile Attackby Eyedrake Games7675 points
Dunjonworxby DWDStudios7635 points
Let's Rob a Bank: Goon Editionby Sharmandra's Games7610 points
Enter the Arenaby Promethean Games7610 points
Hexrynthby Time Flies Games7610 points
Junkby Mothman Games7610 points
Salvage Opsby DwDStudios7610 points
Leprechaunsby Simi Game Knights7470 points
Last Starfleetby Sam Oplinger7375 points
Plunder Lust: Pirates!by Lee E Krieger7375 points
4x Traderby RKZ Games7375 points
Daggers Brinkby Themo Games7375 points
A Clash of Catapultsby Raptorforge's Games7375 points
Spurs and Sprocketsby Simi Games Knights7375 points
The Second Mouseby Marse Needs Games7375 points
Bible Triviaby Xylem Gaming7375 points
Gladiatorsby Tedarehart's Games7220 points
Spireby Orbit Games7170 points
Sea Dogsby Thuska's Games7170 points
Fantastic Footballby Reqman's Games7170 points
Here Be Dragonsby 20 Sided Games7170 points
Space Colony Hexby Andrew Hanson7170 points
Boom!by Wopsle's Games7065 points
Red Wolf / Yellow Snakeby Red Wolf Yellow Snake7035 points
Castle Defenders: Pocket!by Tiger Spy Games7035 points
Train Heistby Sean Dallas McDonald7010 points
Get Off my Lawnby Lisa Dunlop6960 points
Dead Endsby Blue Fool Games6795 points
Armies of Riddleby Game Scorpion6790 points
StartUpby StartUp Games6790 points
War Fighters - All Decksby Dough Oberndorf6790 points
Battle of Asgardby Battle of Asgard Games6790 points
Global Crisisby Squandered Potential Games6790 points
Super Adventure Miniby Level 32 Games6790 points
Royalsby Level 32 Games6790 points
Apoc Worldby Mr Merino's games6790 points
Goblinadeby Paper Knight Games6790 points
Greedy Millionaire and the College Studeby Dale Williams6685 points
Thaumaturgyby Brain Storms6685 points
Deck Aroundby Chris Lesinski6685 points
The Spirit of Animal Guides within Youby Saleire and Arie6685 points
Brewin' USAby Brewin' USA6470 points
Devil's Playgroundby dax christopher books6470 points
Plunder Straitsby Ed and Eric Rapin6415 points
The Museumby Bryan Koch6385 points
The Red Zone by Sean Finegan6245 points
Rubber -N- Glueby D&PK Games6140 points
The Charming Tarotby Lisa Sondergard5920 points
Treeby Gigantopithecus Games5840 points
Don't Cut Down the Forestby Vogn Blohn Images games5815 points
Reign Makersby Biggest Little Games5815 points
How Do You Like IT?by Napkin Doodles5815 points
Research Raceby research race5815 points
Hero Brigadeby Zucchini People Games, LLC5815 points
Rebukeby Sean Pucket5815 points
Porn: The gameby Mondo Pirate media5815 points
Hide and Seaby Kaleidoscope Press5815 points
Contingencyby Brandon Hegland Games5815 points
Brain Stormsby brainstorms5815 points