Just One Of The Crew

Hello all,
This is Eric, you may have seen me help attempt to review games with71872_10151340513088756_789372704_n
Gamer’s Remorse. Yep, I’m the Asian guy.  The one who tries way too
hard at making terrible jokes.

So a little about me:
I’m a cook/chef, I work at a local bar and grill and I run a small
bakery out of the house as well.  I specialize in cheesecakes but I do
a fair amount of other desserts and dishes.  I am adopted from SOUTH
Korea, let’s get this straight before feelings are decimated and feet
enter mouths. Yes, I’m from the good one not the crazy one. I’m
obsessed with movies, TV, video games, maple, and bacon. (Did he just
use an Oxford comma? Why yes, yes I did.)

What kind of gamer am I?
In all honesty, I’m more of a video gamer. A console gamer who is
transitioning into PC gaming. As far as board games, I am probably
more likely seen playing co-op thematic games. From what I’m told,
Ameri-trash. I am known to enjoy a good game of Ticket To Ride and
some occasional Warhammer 40K or War Machine. And by good game, I mean
I win or I lose so terribly it’s funny, which happens a lot more than
I’d like.

So what’s your gaming history?
I played your typical family board games growing up but as an adult I
tended to stay away from them. I’d much rather be on the Xbox or
Playstation. But one of my best friends told me I should try Settlers
of Catan. I never thought, I’d enjoy it but I did. There’s just
something so satisfying about cutting some one off and stealing
longest road for the win. That became a weekly or an every other day
thing. After a while, the games that were brought in were much more
thematic. Arkham Horror had made it’s debut with our group and days,
weeks, months were gone.

How did you get involved with Gamer’s Remorse?
Well. I met Brian through one of my best friends on a Settlers night.
From there we started a game night every week we could. A few years
later, he asked for some help to film some reviews. Meh, I figured why
not? But I don’t know games nor have the camera presence. Plus, this
Sean guy. I still dunno about him. But it was fun and nerve wrecking
but fun, mostly nerve wrecking though.

How has Gamer’s Remorse changed you as a gamer?
I’d like to think that being a part of GR has allowed me to open up
to different game types. I have been recently lurking in the Game
Crafter chats and just viewing games, something that would never have
happened months ago. Now I hope to be helping with some editing if I
can and I’ll be trying to blog some reviews of games that have been
played. And, I’m actually working on creating one of my own games.
(Don’t worry it won’t be done for at least another 23 years.)

My favorite games currently:
Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror, The Captain is Dead

To close, I’d like to think that I’m “maturing” as a gamer. I’m even
going with these guys to some convention later this year. So all in
all, while I still prefer the video games, I am coming to love the
world of board games.

So, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed getting to know the me just a little.

You can find me here or on twitter, @leekeywok (yes that’s my Korean
name, and yes, it sounds like I was named after a broken frying pan.)
Or maybe you’ll see me in the GC chat. I think the name there is Kapt
Korea. If not, I’ll change it to that.

Anyways, good chatting, I know you didn’t get a word in edgewise, but
really, it’s for the best. GG and Peace out.

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