Hello and Welcome!

The Gamer’s Remorse is a game review website with the express purpose of reviewing tabletop boardgames that are either by independent game designers, hard to acquire, older than we are, OR just something we really want to play.


The idea originally started back in 2009 when one of the founders began working with designing games. When designing games, a vast and close network of board game designers were able to support him through his efforts. Soon he found that many board game reviewers refused to review board games unless they were by one of the larger board game developers. An idea was born: Independent Game Reviewing. Like all ideas, it changed and modified over time to include rarer games, and unknown games.

So, why the name?

Gamer’s Remorse doesn’t sound like a very good site, but we think you will see that it is. The reason behind the name is that, like many of you out there, we have purchased games and gone home only to realize that the money we used to buy the game was maybe not as well worth it as we thought it was. And in other cases, the money we spent on a game was more than well worth it. Some of us still enjoy a $30 game of Settlers. We want to ensure that the money you spend on games is worth it. With that in mind, and our keen interest in rare, independent, and older games we wish to show off the value of some of these lesser known titles against mainstream games.

Present and Future

Now we are in the swing of things. Once a month we meet to review games and the videos are posted over the course of the month.

We hope you enjoy the website and the reviews.