A Year End Letter From Brian

Hey fellow gamers!

It seems that we have reached the time of the year in which everyone reflects on the year gone by and looks forward to the year to come. So who am I to avoid social norms when I can give in and become one of the lemmings?!

2014 has been good to Gamer’s Remorse; we saw many games cross our table, many friends moving meeples, and many memories made. I ran some stats as I tried to wrap my mind around 2014 and made some discoveries and thought I’d share them with you.

In 2014 we here at Gamer’s Remorse:
Reviewed/previewed 63 games
39 of them were indie games of a print on demand nature
11 of them were mainstream games
12 of them were games we got through kickstarter by backing or for previewing
10 of the indie games later went onto kickstarter (though most of which are still available as print on demands)
We Joined The Dice Tower Network
We Increased our presence/activity on social media
Find us on Twitter at
Find us on Facebook at
We Featured 8 reviewers
Sean and myself as well as 5 guest with Eric being the most prevalent followed by Aaron, Ben, Nate, Scott and Gabe.

There were many great games and moments I could call favorites but for the sake of time I shall reduce it to three.
My favorite games of 2014 as played on Gamer’s Remorse would have to have been:
• Geister Geister Schatzsuchmeister – a fantastic game that won Kinderspiel Des Jahres
• Turbulence – Tsuru meets Chinese Checkers. A great game with room for expansions.
• The Captain is Dead – I’m a sucker for sci-fi and co-op games; this is a perfect merger of the two!
I limited the options strictly to games we posted in 2014; If I choose of all the games I played in 2014 the list would be; Eldritch Horror, Lords of Waterdeep, and Camel Up (these are also my 3 go to games at the moment… because they are amazing)
My top 3 Gamer’s Remorse moments of 2014, however, were slightly harder to decide upon but I did.
• GenCon – 2014 was my first GenCon and I loved it and hope to return many more times! (sub memory making a ‘catan angel’ after winning mammoth-catan; a Catan angel is like a snow angel only with a giant catan board as opposed to snow…)
• New video/audio equipment – when we upgraded our equipment the show’s quality increased greatly; adding a chroma backdrop was a nice improvement as well!
• affirmation; I review games in the hopes that people will see our reviews and find the content helpful in deciding if they want to buy a new game or they may even discover new games they had never previously heard of. It was thus great seeing viewers/readers comment that after seeing our content they wanted to get a game they hadn’t known about before; it validated the time and energy we put into each episode was of value.

Looking forward I am very excited for 2015; there are some changes coming that I think will be fun to implement as well as some new segments to the world that is Gamer’s Remorse. We are making some minor changes to the branding; our new star intro can be seen in our newest videos and our review section of the videos will be more lively and banter filed as opposed to monologue after monologue.

We will also be starting a roleplay campaign which we will stream on twitch as well as post on our youtube channel. The campaign will be Hoard of the Dragon Queen and we will be following the D&D Adventure League rules for character creation and game play. More info on that to come soon.

I will also be taking on a fun project in which I am hoping to post 261(ish) blogs in 2015; one every weekday. These will be shorter blogs focusing on games I am playing, have played, and hope to play; as well as mechanics, designers, and conventions.

What I am most looking forward to in 2015, however, is playing more games!

-Brian 12/29/14

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