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Elemental – (6.3/10)

Elemental is an indie game by Joseki that pits player against player in a magical war of elements. To the Rubric, Batman!
Gameplay: 7/10 Style: 7/10 Pacing: 5/10 Thematic: 5/10 Easy to Learn: 6/10 Replayability: 7/10 Overall: 6.3/10 Game Genre: Card Game
  • Abstract card game with some set collection
  • Interesting primal artwork
  • A bit more strategy than I expected
  • A bit of luck to drawing the right cards, but a bit of strategy to know when to play them. Do I hear some Kenny Rogers?

How to Play In Elemental, your task is to eliminate your fellow players through use of magical spells, powered by the 4 elements. Naturally, your opponent's are trying to eliminate you as well.

Puppy Power – (5.5/10)

Puppy Power is an indie game that came out several years ago from the good people over at Magato Studio. This review is for card game and not the digital versions that also exist for both iOS and Android. So let's hit the rubric and we can break it down.
Gameplay: 6/10 Style: 7/10 Pacing: 8/10 Thematic: 2/10 Easy to Learn: 7/10 Replayability: 5/10 Overall: 5.5/10 Game Genre: Card Game
  • An interesting spatial twist on set collection
  • Easy and light weight
  • A lot of luck in this game...

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How to Play In Puppy Power, your task is to collect all of...

Generations – Colonization, Industrialization, & War… a triple threat (7.5/10)

generations-logo Generations is a 4x game(ish) that has broken up the 4x into phases. This game was sent to us by Adam Browne. Although the game is effectively 3 games, it uses the same components throughout. As such, I have decided to do a single review rather than three separate reviews. Gameplay: 8/10 Style: 7/10 Pacing: 8/10 Thematic: 8/10 Easy to Learn: 7/10 Replayability: 7/10 Overall: 7.5/10 Game Genre: 4x Game Highlights:
  • Revolutionary three phase game - 3 games in 1!
  • So much game in this one game!
  • A lot of fun to play!
  • 4x's aren't for everyone.
How to Play First Generation: Discovery (~45 min)gameboard Players take turns drawing hexagonal tiles and placing them. Each tile has 2 areas...