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Kill Code (6.2/10)

Kill Code is a simple cooperative roll and move game with a modular board. All you have to do is have one of your teammates (whoever is holding the kill code) reach the terminal before the drone reaches each of you, and terminates you. It's actually a fairly simple and yet fun strategic game. So what comes in the game? components You get 4 dice, one for each team member, a dozen obstructions, a terminal, 4 team member pawns, a drone, 3 flower hexes (terminal location, drone location, and the starting location for each of the team members) and then a stack of other locations.
Gameplay: 6/10 Style: 4/10 Pacing: 10/10 Thematic: 7/10 Easy to Learn: 7.5/10 Replayability: 5/10 Overall: 6.2/10 Game Genre: Cooperative Game
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Tiers of Existence (3.2/10)

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Tiers of Existence is a very elaborate roll and move game with a complement host of numerous pawns, a spinner, dice, 4 game boards, a spinner, the kitchen sink, your grandma's lasagna (just in case you get hungry), and a piccolo. Did I mention pawns? Holy Buckets there are a lot of pawns. The game is by Corbin Campbell. In Tiers of Existence you are attempting to reach the 5th dimension where you control reality, existence, and the fate of the universe.  To win, roll and move yourself through the 4 tiers of existence and land on the 'you win!' space. As stated in the advertisement, "Tiers of Existence is an exciting, fun game for family and friends....

Combi (5.5/10)

COMBI is a small but sleek deductive card game by Magato Studio. COMBI, as stated is a deductive game, where you are forced to play cards from your hand that resemble your secret numbers, and yet you are trying to hide your numbers. As the first person to guess another's number wins the game! wallpaper-background

Guess your friends secret numbers in this casual deduction game for everyone!

COMBI is a deduction game using a very simple components: the number 1 - 9 and the colour Red, Green and Blue. Choosing only 2 numbers from their opening hand, players can only play a card that has their secret numbers and a matching colour with the card in play. Some cards...