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Bearly Escape – Gamer’s Remorse Killer Game Challenge

Brian, Eric, and Sean take a look at Bearly Escape by RevCofe Games. This game was submitted to the Gamer's Remorse Killer Game Contest in which designers were called to create a game rethinking the Player Elimination mechanic in which players were eliminated in a fashion but remained engaged in the game. For more content follow us at:

GenCon 2015 Weekend in Review!

“The best 4 days in gaming.” a slogan that the popular board game convention Gen Con claims; and in this humble reviewer’s opinion lives up to. Having just returned from Gen Con I decided I would take some time to fill you guys in on what Sean and I experience over these last 4 days. I will give a general review of the weekend, a highlight from each day, and some company-centric announcements we got while talking to the various publishers.
    General Overview
Like most cons GenCon is a whirlwind of activity; over 50,000 people walking through the exhibit hall, demo rooms, and hallways makes for a sensory overload. Fortunately said senses are being fed with Board, Card, and Roleplaying Game goodness. Our con included (for Brian; each of our numbers vary by person) playing a mere...