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Brian, Eric, and Sean take a look at Slaughterball a game that was just successfully kickstarted!

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Magic 2015 – Garruk’s Revenge

For a while now the board game and video game world has been experiencing some cross over; especially in the form of some fantastic app versions of our favorite tabletop games. Today I will take a break from my norm to discuss one such digital interpretation of an analog game; Magic 2015; Garrukā€™s Revenge. This is the expansion to the most recent set in the Duels of the Planeswalkers series. Garruk's Revenge Having played the last few incarnations of Duels of the Planeswalkers I was more than slightly intrigued by the prospect of a new addition to the DotP family, and I was excited that we would get to play with more cards and thus build more decks. It was thus without delay that I delve into the game upon its release last...

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Gale Force 9: Character Token Set

The long awaited Part IV in the ongoing series looking into Dungeons and Dragons is upon us; and today we will look at some peripherals! Like many role playing games a vast amount of game play is happening within the world of our imagination; but at times that can be aided with external components, be that in the form of maps, handouts, minis, or character sheets. At any given time there is a great amount of things that need to be tracked, and while a majority of this work can be done with the character sheets I have found that with players all situated around the table; space is often at a premium. Many manufacturers have stepped up to help solve this issue! Today we will look at one of these peripherals made by...