Monthly Archives: April 2014

Bobi (5.0/10)

Brian, Nate, Scott and Sean play Bobi, a set collection card game by Danger Liam’s Games; where you just don’t want to loose!

Family Faces (5.9/10)

Grab you friends, your pens and your paper as Sean, Brian, Scott and Nate get creative in Family Faces by Hairline Arts!

Shadow Shift (6.9/10)

Grab your ski masks and handcuffs in this table top version of cops & robbers as Gamer’s Remorse plays Shadow Shift!

Zombie House (6.75)

Bar the doors and grab your shotgun; it’s time for another Gamers Remorse Review as Brian, Scott, Nate and Sean play Zombie House

Bad Dragon Pizza Party – by KGB Games

Aaron, Brian and Sean sit down to play “Bad Dragon Pizza Party” by KGB Games… how can you go wrong with Naughty Dragons at a Pizza Party?!