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Hello. I am Sean. My favorite games as of late have been: Quarriors, Dominion, and Fireball Island. Of course, my interests reach far and wide. Other titles of interest include: Key to the Kingdom, Poo!, Dreadfleet, Smallworld, Rook, Euchre, Risk, Uno, Voice of the Mummy, and Queen's Necklace. I'm an avid board-game player, creator, and designer. Give me some paper, dice, and an evil overlord, I'll be happy for hours.

Complete List of Games Reviewed by Sean

All Games
1. Turbulence9
2. Castle Dice9
3. Geister Geister Schatzsuchmeister8.5
4. Goblins Drool Fairies Rule8
5. The Captain is Dead8
6. Hive8
7. Realm of Logres8
8. Neptune8
9. Expresso7.5
10. Rivet Wars7.5
11. Draco Magi7.5
12. Lift Off!7.5
13. Legacy The Card Game7.5
14. Village in a Box7.5
15. Seven God's of Fortune7.5
16. Potion Making Practice7.5
17. Ogre Chef7.5
18. Out of this Galaxy7.25
19. Mad Rush Rally7
20. Metacell Genesis The Card Game7
21. Guilds of Cadwallon7
22. Zoophoria7
23. Big Two7
24. The Offensive Band Name Generator7
25. Slaughterball7
26. Zoophoria7
27. Railroads7
28. Dungeoneering Dolls7
29. Monster City Planners7
30. Movie Mashups7
31. Overlords7
32. Gang of Four6.8
33. The Magic Ring6.75
34. Trade Fleet6.5
35. Holiday Flux6.5
36. Amalgimal Zoo6.5
37. Grifter6.5
38. Host6.5
39. Movie Mashups6.5
40. Noueni6.5
41. Zombie House6.5
42. Shadow Shift6
43. Fireball Island6
44. Daredevils & Co.6
45. Family Faces6
46. Villainy6
47. Masques6
48. Voice of the Mummy6
49. 6
50. Wizard Dice5.5
51. Iron Horses5.5
52. Who's Absent5.5
53. Love Letter5
54. Game of Thrones Board Game5
55. Bobi5
56. Beguile5
57. Starship Battles4.5
58. Stardraft4
59. Pet Trainer4
60. Dungeon Doors4
61. Lost Cities4
62. Key to the Kingdom4
63. Eight Minute Empire4
64. The Advertising Game3.5
65. Bad Dragon Pizza Party0.5
Indie Games
1. Turbulence 9
2. Castle Dice 9
3. The Captain is Dead 8
4. Realm of Logres 8
5. Neptune 8
6. Expresso 7.5
7. Draco Magi 7.5
8. Lift Off! 7.5
9. Legacy The Card Game 7.5
10. Village in a Box 7.5
11. Seven God's of Fortune 7.5
12. Potion Making Practice 7.5
13. Ogre Chef 7.5
14. Out of this Galaxy 7.25
15. Mad Rush Rally 7
16. Metacell Genesis The Card Game 7
17. Zoophoria 7
18. The Offensive Band Name Generator 7
19. Slaughterball 7
20. Zoophoria 7
21. Railroads 7
22. Dungeoneering Dolls 7
23. Monster City Planners 7
24. Movie Mashups 7
25. Overlords 7
26. The Magic Ring 6.75
27. Trade Fleet 6.5
28. Amalgimal Zoo 6.5
29. Grifter 6.5
30. Host 6.5
31. Movie Mashups 6.5
32. Noueni 6.5
33. Zombie House 6.5
34. Shadow Shift 6
35. Daredevils & Co. 6
36. Family Faces 6
37. Masques 6
38. Wizard Dice 5.5
39. Iron Horses 5.5
40. Who's Absent 5.5
41. Bobi 5
42. Beguile 5
43. Starship Battles 4.5
44. Stardraft 4
45. Pet Trainer 4
46. Dungeon Doors 4
47. The Advertising Game 3.5
48. Bad Dragon Pizza Party 0.5

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Episode 3: Potion Making Practice (Independent)

And here it is, our first independent board game review!

Potion Making Practice is a game for 2-6 player card game published by Right Games, LLC in 2005. Join Sean, Brian, and Eric as they play and review Potion Making Practice.

Stay tuned for future episodes including such games as Lost Cities, Zombies!!!, Key to the Kingdom, Game of Thrones, Super Dungeon Explore, Eight Minute Empire, Voice of the Mummy, Castle Dice, and more!

Episode 2: Fireball Island (Vintage)

We are proud to present you with the second episode: Fireball Island!

Fireball Island is a game for 2-4 players set in a dimensional game board and published by Milton Bradley in 1986. Join Sean, Brian, Tom, and Amanda as they play and review Fireball Island. Although rare, Fireball Island may be the treasured game you have been searching for.

Stay tuned for future episodes including such games as Lost Cities, Zombies!!!, Potion Making Practice, Key to the Kingdom, Game of Thrones, Super Dungeon Explore, Eight Minute Empire, and more!

Gearing Up for Another Board Game Day

Board Games... Check. Board Game Players... Check. Cameras... Check. Microphone... Check. Food... Check. Can't... Wait... Until... Saturday. This time we will be playing Super Dungeon Explore, Fireball Island (a personal favorite), and Eight minute Empire. Hopefully all goes well and I'm sure we'll have some great footage for you all shortly....

What games should we play?

Hear ye! Hear ye! Gamers Remorse is now holding a poll to determine what games to play next! We want to hear your opinions! What games should we play next? Tell us! We would love to hear from you. And frankly, we know you care. Your mom told us.
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First 5 Games Announced!

The First 5 games have been announced! Without any further adieu, the games are: Game of Thrones: The Board Game Zombies!!! Voice of the Mummy Super Dungeon Explore Stone Age...

Website launched! Can you Believe it?

Can you believe it? The website has been launched. Sort of! Many new updates coming, and many have been implemented. Stay tuned as we continue to update the site!  ...

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