A Change to Reviews

Hello all and welcome back!

The Gamers Remorse has gotten a fair number of fans and game designers asking us to review their games! In an effort to better serve everyone, we have decided to pre-play some of the games to determine their applicability to a video review. This has been a long standing concern of ours and we have talked a lot about the best way to handle it. Sometimes we will get a game to review that isn’t quite there in quality and appeal. We will film the review then spend 20+ hours editing the content to make sure it is up to our quality standards. Then we will post the review. As the review is less than optimal, few people watch it, as the game designer doesn’t want to advertise that it got a low score and we don’t want to advertise it either. So now you are saying, “so what’s the big deal? You’re a reviewer. Put on your big boy shorts and review!” Although I’m inclined to agree with you, this comes at a cost. The queue of games that we want to get to-games that are going onto crowd funding or games that need to be reviewed before the next big con as a part of an advertising scheme. We aren’t getting to them. Instead we are editing video to a review that will be buried. It just doesn’t seem fair.

So we have decided to change how we do our business.

I know this will generate a lot of questions. And i will try to summarize what this means, below.

Rules for Video Reviews vs. Writing Reviews:
1. There are three avenues for reviews: Royal, Expedited, & Regular.
-Royal reviews will always receive a video review. Additional details are located here. The Royal reviews can be purchased through the queue page.
-Expedited reviews will always receive a video review and can be purchased through the queue page.
-Regular reviews are subject to initial review to determine if the review will become a video review or a written review.

2. Written reviews are as thorough as a video review
The written reviews will be from the point of view of the reviewer. He or She may have played the game with friends outside of GR. The writeup will still include the GR format of: Rules, Playthrough, Review, and any enhancements that we believe would help. The write up may be linked to through the game reviewers webpage or advertisements.

3. Games that score 6+ will never be a written review.
When a game is played before going on to review, if a game gets a score of 5 or less, the game will be a written review. Games that score better than that will move on to become a video review and consequently will not be written.

I hope this makes sense to all of our fans and readers. It is also important to not that this post will become a page entry as well that further summarizes some of the benefits of the review levels.

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