DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Gale Force 9: Character Token Set

The long awaited Part IV in the ongoing series looking into Dungeons and Dragons is upon us; and today we will look at some peripherals!

Like many role playing games a vast amount of game play is happening within the world of our imagination; but at times that can be aided with external components, be that in the form of maps, handouts, minis, or character sheets. At any given time there is a great amount of things that need to be tracked, and while a majority of this work can be done with the character sheets I have found that with players all situated around the table; space is often at a premium. Many manufacturers have stepped up to help solve this issue! Today we will look at one of these peripherals made by Gale Force 9.

The Character Token Set
Gale Force Nine has made a great variety of player and DM aids; but today we will look at the Character Token Set. Often in a game a player will make an action or succumb to a condition and the DM and the player must find a way of notating this so as to remember it on future turns. Gale Force 9 saw the potential of these things being forgotten and came up with a clever way to keep track of everything as well as save on table space.
Token in Action
(Image from Gale Force 9 website)

The Character Token Set comes with a small ‘Combat Tile’ with space for the character name, hit points, temp Hit Points, hit die and notes. The tile works fantastic with a dry erase marker so players can add and erase notes; hit points and whatever else they need during game play.

Along with the ‘combat tile’ there are 20 circle tokens with the most common conditions that will come into play ranging from prone, to invisible to dying. These tiles work amazing with dry erase markers as well and some, such as the resistance token, have space to write additional information such as what you are resistant to.

For players these are very beneficial aid; the player can track most of their information on a nice small scale and one can easily see what conditions they are under as well as other key information such as current hit points, temp hit points, and current mission notes. I also liked to put key modifiers on the notes section for my most often used weapons; it enabled me to free up table space as this is much smaller than the character sheet which I was able to set aside, close if needed but out of the way.

As a DM these are fantastic as you could allocate one per player (though I find that unnecessary), but I found them well suited for NPC villains; I could write out the key villain’s attributes or even generic creatures then track numerous copies of the generic creature on one board.

Coming in at about 13 dollars on the Gale Force 9 website HERE these are a good value for the party; and a aid I would highly recommend adding to your role play arsenal.

Next time we will be taking a general overview of the player handbook and how well it does or doesn’t aid the player’s in character creation and game play.

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